Spanx for weight loss

I have this theory: I think I lose more weight, when I regularly wear spanx. Okay, before I go on I must tell you that this is not based on any scientific evidence or knowledge, whatsoever. This should, in no way, be taken as advice or a suggestion, but I honestly believe that I Spanx help me lose weight.  Here’s why:

  1. Spanx make you look good.  I find that looking good makes me feel good, and feeling good makes me eat less.
  2. You can’t over-eat when you’re wearing tight clothes. You’d never wear tight jeans to Thanksgiving dinner, would you?  Of course not. No one wants to be in constricting clothes when they’ve eaten too much, so when I’m already being constricted, I’m less likely to over eat.
  3. Spanx are similar to compression garments, and compression garments help reduce swelling and water weight. Once when I had swelling related to a minor surgery, my doc suggested that I wear them to reduce the swelling. They worked really well, and were way more comfortable and easier to find than medical compression garments would have been. I swear that when I wear them, I have to go to the ladies room all the time.  I probably go as frequently as a pregnant woman!  And while it’s true that both increased water consumption while dieting, as well as weight loss (i.e. burning fat), increase urination, I swear that there’s even more of an increase when I regularly wear Spanx.

So there you go.  One more reason why I love Spanx — possibly the most awesome invention ever.

(This post is in no way sponsored — I just like the product.)

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