Science Writers 2010

I’m at the Science Writers 2010 conference, my favorite meeting of the year, because I always leave feeling inspired, and rather empowered to try all kinds of new, writing-related things.

One of my favorite things about this conference is the people.  They are all non-scientist, science nerds, like me. People who can appreciate a really cool scientific finding, but can talk about it without feeling a need to make sure you know how important they are. 🙂

The conference started with an entertaining welcome session.  Here are some of my favorite, nerdy bits:

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Oops. My last post was in January. Crap! I was supposed to keep this thing up, but like most other good intentions, life got in the way. Much like dieting (which I actually have managed to keep up with this year) I think it’s probably best to just put the past behind me and, rather than lament the fact that I haven’t been doing what I should, just jump in and start again. Here I go…

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